Train your lungs. Improve your performance.

Increase your VO2 Max: Guaranteed

Increase endurance using one of the heaviest breathable gases

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Train at home with NO high pressure cylinders -- just a modified version of air.

The Next Generation in Lung Fitness.

XenAir Lung Exerciser

The XenAir Lung Exerciser is made for athletes that value endurance. The Lung Exerciser uses a modified atmosphere to increase breathing resistance and strengthen your lungs. By breathing a special mixture of atmospheric gases that is significantly heavier than air, you work your lungs more with every breath.

The XenAir Lung Exerciser is the only fitness training product that guarantees that you will increase your VO2 Max after 30 days. The program only requires 3-5 minutes a day of lung exercises, 3-4 time a week.

We are so confident in this product, we even provide FREE VO2 Max tests (both before and after) in our Southern California location.

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XenAir Oxygen Booster

The XenAir Oxygen Booster is made for people traveling to higher altitude cities such as Denver, Aspen, or Jackson Hole.

The Oxygen Booster allows you to re-breathe a special mixture of oxygen and xenon to better adapt to higher altitudes.

Use the XenAir Oxygen Booster as soon as you get to higher elevation and it will help ease your acclimatization to higher altitudes.

The XenAir Oxygen Booster is far superior to "oxygen in a can" systems because it doesn't waste any oxygen when you exhale. It allows you to breathe a high percentage of oxygen for a much longer period of time. In addition, the breathing resistance provided by the small amount of xenon also helps condition your lungs for the increased workload associated with higher altitudes.

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Krypton Lung Exerciser

KryptonThe Krypton Lung Exerciser is used as a cost effective supplement to the XenAir Lung Exerciser.

Krypton is about 65% as heavy as xenon, but is still much heavier than air. In addition, the Krypton Lung Exerciser uses a 75% concentration of Krypton and 25% oxygen. Air only has 20.9% oxygen, so there is plenty of oxygen in the system. The supplemental bag also supplies 90% oxygen as you breathe it.

The Krypton Lung Exerciser is excellent to use for competition day training as well as for use prior to heavy training days. See this schedule of use the use of xenon and krypton in athletic training.


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XenAir Elevation Trainer

The XenAir Elevation Trainer simulates high altitude atmospheres by depleting oxygen from the air you breathe. The lower amount of oxygen (and thus a higher percentage of nitrogen) simulates the lower partial pressure of oxygen found at higher altitudes.

The XenAir Elevation Trainer is used for Intermittent Hypoxic Training and is used by athletes to work on lung fitness and to assist in per-acclimatizing to higher altitudes.

The XenAir Elevation Trainer can simulate altitudes up to 26,000ft, though this level of training is beyond most people's abilities. Typically training is done at levels around 10-15,000 ft.

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